• Entrepreneur and Founder. Former Minister of Finance. Forbes 30 Under 30. eTrade for Women Advocate.

    Hi. I’m Nina

    An eternal optimist, with high expectations of people and life in general. Happiness comes from solving problems. No matter where we go there will be “problems waiting for us” and the point is to find the problems we enjoy dealing with. I enjoy the challenges I face and the problems I solve--it’s what keeps me alive and kicking.

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My “e” Story

What we have in our mind (knowledge) and what we have in our heart (passion) makes us as unique as our DNA. My parent’s genes and the way my mother raised me account for my relentlessness, competitiveness and my “moving mountains” attitude. I am passionate about making a change, I see obstacles as challenges and believe that every struggle makes us stronger and more knowledgeable.

I fell in love with the big “E” during my e-business studies at the Faculty of Economics at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Over the years I became very passionate about e-commerce that was just beginning to develop at that time. Just before graduating in 2010, I won the most innovative business plan competition and got a small funding grant to launch my business. This was the key incentive for me to begin my entrepreneurial journey and launch Grouper.mk, the first deal platform in North Macedonia. It transformed the e-commerce industry in the country and became known as the game-changer of e-commerce.

My career path in the digital world was developing very “organically”. My impact and hard-work were beginning to be recognized home and abroad. I started speaking at events, mentoring young future entrepreneurs and working on various projects. In 2016, the German startup magazine, The Hundert recognized me as one of the “100 Female Founders Europe!” and in 2018, Forbes named me “Forbes 30 Under 30”. In 2019 UNCTAD appointed me as one of the seven global eTrade for Women Advocates.

After being an entrepreneur for almost 10 years in August 2019 my career path took a sharp turn when I was invited to join the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia as Minister of Finance. I was heading the public finances of our country and led the implementation of many economic and fiscal measures during the biggest crisis in history caused by COVID-19 until September 2020. Among the key priorities during my mandate as Finance Minister, I have put digitalization and technologies in the focus as a key to solving many problems and putting the progress and reforms of our country in "fifth gear".

After the ‘exit’ from the Government, followed a successful business exit, when Grouper was acquired by the Polish Group Asseco SEE. A few months later I continued my efforts for ecommerce development joining Ananas E-commerce, whose mission is to revolutionize e-commerce in the Balkans, and recently co-founded the Balkan Ecommerce Alliance that I am heading as President.

Current and Recent Positions

International Expansion Director Ananas E-commerce

Founder & President Gender Equality Alliance

Assistant Professor University of Skopje

Former CEO and Cofounder Grouper.mk

(Ex) Board Member Telekom | EMOTA | MKD Economic Chamber

Speaker, Mentor & Consultant Events & Organisations

  • The Entrepreneur, the Grouper Story


    Grouper.mk was the first deal platform and leading e-commerce company in Macedonia, lunched in 2011 that is known as the game-changer of e-commerce. My team and I contributed to increasing online sales in North Macedonia by more than 350% and educated thousands of customers and businesses on how to shop and sell online. It served more than 300.000 customers working with over 3.000 merchants.

    After 10 years of heading and growing the company, we made a successful exit when the Polish Group Asseco SEE acquired Grouper.mk. A year later Ananas Ecommerce, part of Serbian Delta Holding, an aspiring regional ecommerce leader that I joined as International Expansion Director acquired Grouper from Payten and transitioned within the Ananas ecosystem.

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Founder, President & Chair

My drive for action is fueled by the perception of obstacles, barriers, unfairness, and injustice as opportunities for positive change. The obstacles we were facing with the development of the business led me to launch the first Ecommerce Association in the Western Balkans. The sexism and ‘hate-speech’ I faced in politics and the experience as an eTrade4Women Advocate motivated me to act and establish the Gender Equality Alliance in North Macedonia. The cross-border barriers for e-commerce in the Balkans were the trigger for establishing the Balkan Ecommerce Alliance jointly with Ecomm associations from the region, where I was elected as the first president to lead.

  • Ecommerce Association

    Representing the voice of commerce since 2017. Striving to accelerate the growth and development of the sector

  • Gender Equality Alliance

    Equal pay, representation and opportunitie. Proud commitment maker of the UN Generation Equality Forum

  • Balkan Ecommerce Allaince

    Inclusive network dedicated to fostering regional growth and cooperation in the eCommerce sector across the Balkans

  • President & Chairman


    The mission of the Macedonian Ecommerce Association is to build a future for e-commerce growth and success in the country. I believe that the future for better Macedonia lies in a digital country and a smart society, and e-commerce is an integral part of such a society.

    • Ecommerce Conference

      Since 2018 I chair the Regional EcommConference a prominent annual event gathering over 600 participants.

    • Ecommerce Analysis Report

      Lead Author of the Annual Ecommerce Analysis Report that we publish every year since 2018.

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  • Awards & Recognitions

    The ones who motivated me for further progress by recognizing my work.

    • Top 50 People

      In the Adriatic region for 2022

    • eTrade for Women

      Advocate for the Balkans (2020)

    • 30 Under 30

      In retail & ecommerce in Europe (2018)

    • 100 Female Founders Europe

      German Startup Magazine (2016)

    • star

      1st Place

      in National Competition for The most Innovative Business Plan

    • school

      Student of the Year

      Frank Manning Award for The Best Student of the Generation in Economic Sciences

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PhD in Management

Synergy Between Practice & Science

In 2010 graduated as a student of the year in E-business at the Faculty of Economics, University Ss. Cyrul and Methodius. In 2012 I got my Masters Degree in E-business Management. Aiming to turn practice into science I bacame a PhD in Management in 2016.

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Selected Speaking Events

I speak at various events--from high-level conferences to informal educational events, academies, tv shows and thematic official and unofficial events aiming to motivate and share experience and expertise. Spoken to over 300 events since 2012.

  • Forbes BG
  • AllWeb
  • Brainster
  • WBSummit
  • MKD2025
  • Ohridska Banka
  • RIGF
  • WBS London
  • Unlimited
  • Social Impact
  • Startup Grind
  • Startup Weekend
  • Telekom MKD
  • Unctad
  • Vrabotuvanje
  • Women in Digital
  • World Chicago

Experience in Working on Various Projects

Consulting brands and organizations seeking to boost growth, transform their processes and find new business solutions. Selected organizations I have worked with - Makedonski Telekom (Deutsche Telekom Group), USAID and Vrabotuvanje.com.

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    Extensive experience in running the leading e-commerce platform in North Macedonia

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    Business Developement

    Implementing new solutions and adding new revenue streams pursuing constant growth

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    Experience in results-driven marketing solutions and event management including new trends and tools such as gamification

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Nina Angelovska is a recognized entrepreneur, founder, and business leader. She is also the former and first female Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia.

She co-founded and was heading the first deal platform and leading e-commerce company in Macedonia, Grouper.mk, launched in 2011 which transformed the e-commerce market. After 10 years of heading and growing Grouper.mk, she made a successful exit when the Polish Group Asseco SEE acquired her company.

Angelovska’s passion for e-commerce and drive for change led her to establish the first Macedonian E-commerce Association in 2017. She was a member of several Boards including the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia and the European Ecommerce and Omnichannel Trade Association (EMOTA). Currently, she is a member of the Board of Directors at Makedonski Telekom.

Nina is also known for her advocacy for women in technology and entrepreneurship, taking actions aimed at promoting gender diversity and empowering women. In 2022 she established the Gender Equality Alliance in the Workplace (GEA).

Her hard work and impact have been widely recognized. In 2018 she was named Forbes 30 Under 30. In 2019 she was appointed as one of the seven global UNCTAD eTrade for Women Advocates. In 2023, Bloomberg Adria selected her in the list of ‘Top 50 People’.

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